Backstage News On Kurt Angle’s WrestleMania Match

There have been rumors about WWE possibly changing the announced Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin WrestleMania match, but it appears that there is no truth to it.



Kurt announced Corbin as his opponent for the show on Raw. This decision was met with criticism from fans, with some believing that the company will change this match later on.

However, according to PWinsider, this isn’t the case and while it could always change, the plan as of this past Monday night was 100% to do a Baron Corbin vs. Kurt Angle match at the show.

The site also notes that Angle himself was hoping for a more high profile opponent. In the interview, after Raw, he had noted that he would have liked to face someone like AJ Styles or John Cena.

As far as him choosing his own opponent for the event goes, the site notes that it was just a storyline and Angle’s opponent was picked by WWE management.

It’s a surprise that WWE is going in this direction and having Angle face someone who he has fought numerous times in the past year, in his retirement match.

Though it also makes sense since the two were engaged in a rivalry for the better part of 2018 and Corbin can get a rub from facing a legend like Kurt Angle in his final match at the Show Of Shows.

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