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Backstage news on Luke Harper’s current WWE contract

Bludgeon Brothers Harper

Luke Harper surprised everyone recently by asking for his release from WWE though as we know, it’s not necessary for the company to grant his request.

During the recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Harper’s status and revealed how long the company can hold him if they decide to decline his request.

According to Meltzer, Harper’s current contract expires in November this year so it’s a possible date for his release if the company doesn’t let him go right now.

Though he also noted that while not very likely, Officials could theoretically keep him from going elsewhere for 6 months after that by freezing his contract for the time he was injured.

Luke Harper underwent a wrist surgery last Summer after he and his partner Erick Rowan were taken off TV due to Rowan’s injury. He was cleared to compete in February but has rarely been used by the company since then.

  • CC

    We saw them do that contract freeze with Rey Mysterio years back, so they can pull that stuff any time.
    This whole deal with his release is all going to boil down to how valuable they think he is outside WWE.
    If its a Tye Dillinger lack of value they see in him, he will be gone. If they see him as more valuable like Mysterio or Neville, then he will either be sat on the bench for months or jobbed out every week like they did with Ambrose recently.