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Backstage news on Roman Reigns-John Cena feud

John Cena Roman Reigns

It was a really shocking decision from WWE when they announced that Roman Reigns will be facing John Cena at No Mercy instead of saving this match for a bigger PPV.

What is even more surprising is the realistic promos the two have been cutting on each other since past couple of weeks in which Cena has been getting the upper hand.

This has made people wonder if the company is punishing Roman Reigns or if their long term plans to make him the face of the company have changed.

During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer shot down these rumors and said that the long term plans for the Big Dog are still to make him the top babyface of the company.

It’s worth mentioning here that it has previously been reported that the reason why John Cena was brought to Raw was to give a rub to Roman Reigns.  So even when Reigns appears to be losing the verbal battle, it shouldn’t be a surprise if he wins their match at No Mercy.

  • CC

    I don’t care if it is work or shoot, Reigns is deeply out of his element in a verbal sparring match with Cena, and is getting zero rub from it right now as all people are talking about is how badly he came off.
    Just turn him heel and give him a manager to be his mouthpiece.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I am wondering if they going to make a long feud out of this one. I don’t think everything will be settle in one match to many things are being said. I believe if Cena wins we may finally see the Roman Reigns heel turn we been begging.