Backstage news on the length of The Miz and Paige’s new contract

We noted before how WWE announced that both the Miz and Paige have signed new multi-year contracts with the company but they did not announce the actual length of their deals.



Now a new report from PWInsider has provided some update on the situation and it reveals that both these stars have signed contracts with different lengths.

Former World Champion the Miz is said to have signed an extension to his current contract and he is now expected to stay with the company until atleast 2025.

On the other hand, Paige has signed a new contract altogether. However, her deal is shorter in comparison to the Miz and she has only signed a contract for up until 2023.

While the report does not provide any additional detail on their deals, it’s likely that the Miz has just extended his contract as a wrestler while Paige who was previously signed as a performer has converted her deal to being an on-screen personality only after announcing her retirement in early 2018.

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