Backstage news on the status of NXT stars’ contracts after move to TV

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding NXT’s move to Fox and there are a lot of things which are not clear at this point, such as the status of stars’ contract with the company.



Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer provided some update on the situation in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter and he wrote that expectation is for all NXT contracts to be converted to main roster deals:

“While not confirmed, the word going around is that all developmental deals are going to be changed to main roster deals shortly,”

With NXT making a significantly less amount than WWE’s other premier shows, it’s likely that stars will not be paid as much as the main roster stars but Meltzer notes that at least the top tier NXT talents are expected to have salaries close to the main roster figures.

It’s worth mentioning here that the while the development contract of WWE pays less than main roster, it does cover the cost of travel for talents.

So it would be interesting to know if the new contracts will be the same or if they will be closer to the main roster deals where talents have to cover their travel expenses themselves.

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