Backstage news on Vince McMahon- Kevin Owens segment from SmackDown

As expected the segment between Mr. McMahon and Kevin Owens from the SmackDown Live episode this week has become a hot topic of discussion among wrestling fans.



While the whole segment is praised by the majority of WWE fans, the most notable thing from it was Vince McMahon’s head getting busted open after a headbutt from Owens.

So far fans had divided opinion about the bleeding as many believed that it was pre planned while others thought that it was an accident since WWE doesn’t show blood on their programming very often.

Dave Meltzer cleared the confusion about this in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter and he revealed that the bleeding was actually planned ahead of time.

While Dave didn’t exactly know how it was done, based on his talks with the legends of the industry, he speculated that Vince bladed himself before the segment and hide it with a nu-skin, since you cannot guarantee blood from a single headbutt.

Nonetheless, whatever method the Boss used, it can be said that him taking such bumps at the age 72 is simply amazing and the Chairman deserves being praised for his efforts during the segment.

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