Backstage News on Orton-Ziggler, Booker Ribs Clay, Laurinaitis

– A funny story about Brodus Clay is at the RAW in Montreal, he was legitimately sad that he did bad in the viewers choice segment to pick an opponent for CM Punk. Booker T saw how he was acting and started ribbing him about it until Clay told Booker to leave him alone.



– The surgery that John Laurinaitis recently had was actually for a torn rotator cuff. He will be out of action for several months. He was scheduled to continue doing run-ins at live events and had been told that he was being brought back to TV as a character. Laurinaitis complained of the shoulder injury and was taken off shows but did work the tour of Australia. By the time that tour was over, he had to have surgery because the rotator cuff was in bad shape.

– Fans cheering for Dolph Ziggler and booing Randy Orton was something discussed internally with the idea of possibly turning one or the other. We’ve noted before how bad Orton wants to work as a heel but officials are keeping him a babyface because of roster depth issues.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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