Backstage news on the plans for Women’s Royal Rumble

As noted before, Stephanie McMahon made her return to WWE Programming during this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw and announced the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble.



Since the most exciting part of the 30 Men Battle Royal is the surprising return of stars from past and present as well as debut of new stars, many believed that the case will be same with the female equivalent of the bout.

However, Bryan Alvarez discussed this upcoming bout at next year’s first WWE PPV in the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live and revealed otherwise.

According to him, the current plans are to have all the women from the main roster who are not holding either of the Women’s title compete in the bout and the remaining spots will be filled by female contestants from NXT.

Though he mentions that this won’t be a call up for these NXT Women and they are expected to stay in the development territory even after their appearance at the show.

While plans could always change, Bryan also said that currently there are no plans to bring any star from the past for this match so no real surprising entrances are expected to be revealed.

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