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Backstage News on Ryback’s Return As A Face, WWE Talents Worried About Releases This Week

– The decision was made to bring Ryback back as a babyface because officials feel they are short on good babyfaces right now. Ryback will be back in action on SmackDown against Heath Slater.

– There’s a lot of concern among some of the WWE talents who haven’t regularly been appearing on TV. With WWE holding their latest earnings call on Thursday, there’s some fear that another round of releases may be coming.

Source: PWInsider

  • ddfindl

    They dropped the ball with Ryback before…and to be perfectly honest, same goes for Bray Wyatt…I think maybe they’re gonna do things differently for the both of them this time.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I have to agree. It really agitates me that I am paying $9.99 for the same main even, the last 4 times the title was defended.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I think he got over as a face, but was just another guy that couldn’t get past Mt. Super Cena and then his train got derailed.

  • UnlessTheyTurnCenaHeel

    Ryback’s feed me more gimmick is just what they need. They can feed Rusev to him, Mark Henry, etc. Build Ryback up for the title since who the hell else is there at the moment. BTW Mark Henry turns heel the same night Ryback comes back as a face. So the above logic in this article makes no sense.

    Crap I am not a huge Ryback fan but I would rater see a pushed Ryback go up against Lesnar than another John Cena Lesnar feud.

  • CC

    And the fact that he really didnt get over that well as a babyface before means they still have a shortage of good babyfaces. Plus, werent all the reports from the dirtsheets saying prior to this that Axel was being kept off screen so they could come back together? that worked out so well didnt it