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Backstage News on Seth Rollins Turning on The Shield and Monday’s WWE RAW Script

– The angle with Seth Rollins turning on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose at Monday’s RAW was not written into the script that was used several days before the pay-per-view. It could have been that WWE officials wanted to keep it off the books or it could be that the angle was something they just decided on at Sunday’s Payback pay-per-view.

The script that was used at Monday’s RAW had Kane vs. John Cena in the main event position and the turn with Rollins wasn’t even hinted at.

Source: PWInsider

  • TheFizPop

    Yea it must be hard for Cena who puts his all into the WWE to basically be considered a joke and parody to the masses, but it is VkM’s call at the end of the day. I would like to see John do other things, but i know its not happening so i just enjoy that it gets to so many, and the wwe and john just carry on not really caring. We really don’t know the pressure(s) VkM has running wwe, i mean if VkM kill the streak, of ALL things, then why can’t he turn cena? Just leads me to think theres more to it. Should it happen, it will once Raymond is etched in stone as the next face

  • Timothy Davis

    Well thats what people thought about Hogan when he jumped into the NWO. It worked for that. Its the exact same scenario. I get why they are afraid to do it but its about characters and stories constantly evolving. He hasn’t evolved since a couple years after he started. It don’t matter to me cause I usually change the channel when he comes out haha. I am just saying I don’t get why he wouldn’t wanna grow as a character.

  • YouNOFunny

    lol, you’re Russian . . . or are you Lana posting as FizPop lol?

  • #TurnCenaHeel

    You make no sense sir.

  • #TurnCenaHeel

    and the Shield didn’t put money into his pockets? Because really the Shield is no longer. Once the ratings get down low enough, maybe then they will #turnCenaHeel.

  • TheFizPop

    Nobody can really believe Cena as a that type of heel though, i mean whats his reason going to be? Oh screw you universe you dont like me im going to pander to you and turn? lol. He’s whole moniker is about standing for yourself, rise above hate, say what you will, but i’d rather kids look up to him than 1D or Bieber! If cena can do for todays kids what Hogan did, then im fine with it. At end of the day wwe isnt for everyone, don’t like? ‘get the F’ out’

  • TheFizPop

    I understand you, i have found cenas gimmick cringeworthy for years now, but it is what it is, we can’t change it. I just enjoy the fact cena agitates soo many enjoyable and that Cena just stands i the ring absorbing it all in with that smirk he does and yet universe still goes out of their ways to hate him lol. Turn that hate into creating the next Bryan, maybe Ziggler? Barrat? even Sandow deserves more than he’s getting, but no, they will just hate and put up with it

  • TheFizPop

    Nope, but only americans take america seriously lol! Russia is the superpower!

  • Timothy Davis

    Id like to see Kofi in the Shield. Drop the corny feel from Kofi and let him show an intense serious side so he can jump himself to a higher level.

  • Timothy Davis

    His character is very very stale. And to be a traditional heel he can use under handed tactics to mask his technical inabilities. But because they pander to small children they cant do that and its hurting the show. I feel he would be great in a DX like faction with someone like the Usos. They could just have crazy antics and do off the wall stuff that is heel motivated that the crowd would still get behind him. Then when he is good again to end his career run it would be fresh with less boos.

  • Solid

    After Ziggler called out Batista on Smackdown last week I though it could have been him to join Evolution.

  • The Great Abyss

    What if Reigns and Ambrose go on to find a third member? I feel Drew Mcyintyre would be a great fit. And it would Revive him from Jobber Status. #GoodIdea #Chosen One

  • MrDr3w

    The “Universe” needs to realize how much money Cena puts into Vince’s pockets as a face. They need him to be a face now more than ever.

  • JizFlop

    Like your govt is so perfect. Doubt it.

  • I’mAfraidI’veGotSomeBadNewsFiz

    lol FizPop – that’s what the WWE wants. But the “Universe” wants him heel, not just for the sake of making him a heel, but for the sake of freshening up his Aww Shucks gimmick. People originally started cheering him because his thuganomics gimmick got over. His current gimmick is the real Bo-Dallas gimmick. We get it. Heel with the smarts and above 18 crowd and cheered by the kids. Still calling BS on that whole thing. He could and should turn. It would no doubt help ratings. I would bet the farm on that. Turn him heel and then turn him back. A good example of this was the Rock. Turning Rock heel when he first came back from Hollywood was genius, because then we he returned again, he was even more over the than the first time.
    That is why this Seth Rollins stuff is somewhat interesting. Only because it is something different. Just to bad it was not Cena to turn heel. Him going against Steph looked forced and she couldn’t stop smiling at him. Cena needs to play the corporate dude cause that is what he is. He is essentially the anti-Austin, the anti-CM Punk, the anti- oh gives a shhh. Why am I even pandering to this JizPop anyway.

  • TheFizPop

    lol Cena is already more of a heel than he could ever be!! Idk how you people don’t get ‘it’?! He pisses you all off way more passionately then if he started being a heel cliche! So VkM knows he doesnt have to turn him, as against any face Cena will get booed anyways. Cena is in a mould which most you won’t understand until you develop some

  • Timothy Davis

    Cena would of made no sense, but he should be a heel. Evolution has to
    evolve. Now HHH is Flair, Orton is HHH and Rollins is the future/Orton
    character. Makes total sense. Rollins can feud with Ambrose to push them
    both as singles and Reigns will feud with HHH to thrust him into super
    stardom and title contention. I think it was awesome.

  • TheFizPop

    yea, but very grateful im not american so i get to be amused by the ongoings of american politics

  • Truth B Told

    I guess you’ve never heard of the United States Government.

  • #turnCENAheel

    Although the angle was slightly perplexing – there are a few reasons they had to go that route.
    1. Raw would have sucked without a huge angle like that.
    2. They want to continue the feud in some aspect.
    3. Reigns is up for his singles push.
    4. Papa Smurftista was leaving.
    With that said, they should have kept the Shield together and turned Cena heel to become the new third member of Evolution. That would have built up Evolution and put over Reigns big time for his eventual single career. AND it would have been talked about for weeks and dare I say – provide something fresh.

    The only good thing that will come out of this, is at least Rollins will get a nice rub and be set up for his future.

  • TheFizPop

    the WWE, possibly the only empire run by the left hand not knowing what the right is doing