Backstage News: TNA Willing To Fire Vince Russo For Hulk Hogan?

Source: The Newsletter



Regarding the company’s mission to create new stars, TNA President Dixie Carter is currently telling employees that they may have to take a step backwards before they can move forward. As previously reported, company sources say Russo is “on a mission” to make lesser-known talent more popular than ever before. Dixie Carter has identified Matt Morgan, Hernandez and AJ Styles as her top favorites in the company.

Russo is not considered to be on thin ice due to the slumping ratings. Carter is said to realize that the TV networks are airing first run material again and that college football is running opposite iMPACT on Thursday nights. She believes that reason — along with the increased presence of lesser-known talent on iMPACT — is a fair explanation for the ratings slump.

While it may appear that Dixie is completely behind Russo, there was talk within TNA that she would be willing to fire him had her recent negotiations with Hulk Hogan led to him signing a contract. Hogan apparently still will not work with Russo, and one story making the rounds is that he wanted Kevin Sullivan and Kevin Nash to be the bookers if he was to join TNA. The deal obviously never went through and it appears that talks between the two sides are finished.


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