Backstage news on WWE firing Enzo Amore

The way WWE first suspended Enzo Amore and then released him from his contract shortly afterward made many fans wonder if the company knew something which fans didn’t, leading  them to make this decision so quickly.



However, if the reports from Pwinsider are to be believed this wasn’t the case and the rape allegations worked as ‘the last straw’ for Enzo leading to his firing.

According to the site, the company officials were unaware of the rape accusations on Amore until Monday when members of the media reached them out for a comment after the story went viral on Twitter.

Officials then spoke to the then-Cruiserweight Champion for clarification and he denied that the accusations were true but he did admit being aware of the investigation Phoenix Police launched back in October after meeting the accuser at a local hospital.

WWE then suspended him and sent him away from the Barclays Center over the fact that he knew about the investigations but failed to inform them.

The Officials were said to be furious with the 205 Live Star for putting them in a bad position where they were forced to respond to media inquiries over rape allegations by a current Champion during what was expected to be one of the biggest TV Days for the company.

This incident turned out to be the ‘last straw’ for Enzo after various incidents he had been a part of over the last year or so. Though the site notes that he wasn’t fired because officials believed he was guilty and instead they let him go because he didn’t inform them about this beforehand and put them in a tough situation.

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