Backstage news on if WWE is planning a Women’s Royal Rumble

The recent main roster debut of 5 female NXT Stars has left a lot of people wondering if this is part of a long-term plan for the heavily rumored Women’s Royal Rumble next year.



Though Dave Meltzer revealed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that currently there are no plans for a Women’s Rumble match at all.

This is a disappointing news for fans as many believe that a Women’s Rumble would be the most logical next step in the Women’s Revolution and people believe this is the right time to take it.

Although it’s worth mentioning here that WWE’s decisions have been very shaky in recent times and they have changed a lot of plans in last minute in the past several months.

Considering the fact that the PPV is still 2 months away, it’s very much possible that the plans change and a Royal Rumble match featuring only female contestants actually turn out to be a part of the event.

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