Backstage News on WWE Using Both Titles on RAW, HBK Featured In Music Video, WWE Moms

– Shawn Michaels is featured in the music video for Colton James’ single 100 Proof, as seen below:



– The WWE Moms group will be having a Hire Heroes USA Twitter party on Thursday night from 7pm until 8pm EST at @WWEmoms and with the hashtag #WWEmoms.

– It was reported over the weekend that the winner of Randy Orton vs. John Cena at TLC would be using only the WWE Title belt. As seen on RAW, new champion Orton came out with both belts. Word coming out of RAW is that eventually the champion will hold just the WWE Title belt. Orton coming out with the World Heavyweight Title belt on RAW was a last minute decision.

Partial source: PWInsider

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