Backstage News on WWE’s GM Storyline, Trish & Mickie Fight

– The basic framework on the AJ Lee angle on Monday’s RAW where she was removed as General Manager was scripted months ago. The angle was set to happen before this past week but was delayed.



There’s a feeling that AJ will shine more now that she’s out of the General Manager role.

Talk had been that this would lead to Ric Flair coming in and he is expected to return at this coming Monday’s RAW from Charlotte, North Carolina but that has not been confirmed yet. Word from WWE at the beginning of the week was that they would not touch Flair until they got the okay that it wouldn’t hurt them in the lawsuit from TNA. They may have gotten that word already if Flair is returning next week. Some people were surprised about WWE holding off on Flair for this long, saying the old Vince McMahon would have done what he wanted and not cared.

– We noted before that Mickie James filmed a music video for her single “Somebody’s Gonna Pay” at The Red Rooster bar in Nashville on Wednesday. Trish Stratus revealed on Twitter that she took part in the video shoot with Mickie. The two fought each other in a bar scene, picking back up on their infamous WWE feud. TNA wrestler Magnus, who is Mickie’s real life boyfriend, also appears in the video. Trish revealed on Twitter that she hung out with Jeff Jarrett, who stopped by the shoot. Dixie Carter was also there but apparently at a different time than Trish.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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