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Backstage note on recent WWE releases

WWE surprised everyone by announcing the release of Sin Cara recently and they ended up adding a few more names to the list including Luke Harper and The Ascension.

Since all these stars have been granted release earlier than their contract expiration date a lot of people wondered if they are now under the 90 days non compete clause.

Dave Meltzer provided an update on the situation recently and he confirmed that all four of the stars who have been released by the company are currently bounded by the non compete clause.

This means that the stars won’t be able to make appearances for any promotion this year and they should be able to start making appearances again in March.

Where would you like to see the released stars go next after their WWE stints? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • CC

    Very doubtful. When you sign the original contract it would have the stipulation in, and is actually a stipulation many companies have in their contracts. The company I currently work for has a stipulation in their contract that if I leave, I cannot work for a company that does the same thing for six months, mostly due to the potential of giving a competitor information that could help them take business away from my old company.
    Also, it is quite common in Formula one for someone to go from one team to another and be placed on “gardening leave”, but that would involve being paid. I doubt the WWE works like that being that they are independant contractors not employees.

  • wildeye

    It probably is like a severance deal where they get a lump sum because of breaking the contracts. But I could be wrong

  • Omar

    Iv always wondered, does the 3 month non compete means that they get paid min-guarantee amount for those 3 months?