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Backstage note on Raw invasion angle

SmackDown attacks Raw

There have been lots of rumors about the Raw retaliation angle following the attack from the SmackDown Live roster during the October 23rd episode of Monday Night Raw.

So far Raw hasn’t done anything to take revenge from the Blue Brand, though since this is the final week before the Survivor Series PPV, it’s widely believed that it the Raw invasion will happen this week on SmackDown.

However, according to Pwinsider so far only the Shield is scheduled to appear on the Blue show this week in order to build their match against the New Day.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the other members of the Raw roster will not appear on the show, whether or not they actually show up is yet to be seen.

As we noted before, a TV advertisement accidentally revealed the Shield vs New Day match will be taking place at Survivor Series before its official announcement.

  • MindTricked

    Creative dropped the ball on this one. The invasion was great (or, at least compelling), but the lack of a legitimate follow-up has killed the angle. New Day showing up on Raw and causing a distraction which “resulted” in a title change was decent, but… the whole thing is now completely underwhelming.