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Backstage Notes on Austin’s Podcast with Vince, WWE Pulling Naomi from Total Divas, 2K15

– Sales for the WWE 2K15 video game are said to be ahead of what they were at this time last year for the WWE 2K14 game.

– Regarding Jimmy Uso and Naomi no longer being part of the Total Divas cast, once they got married there wasn’t much that could be done with them on the show because Naomi and Cameron had been broken up and most of the “married couple problems” storylines would be taken up by the other married couples on the show.

– There were no directives made by anyone, Kevin Dunn or any other WWE officials, during the live taping of Steve Austin’s podcast with Vince McMahon as far as what topics to stay away from.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I noticed that by watching gameplay videos that some of the faces look horrible, especially CM Punk. I think even Bray Wyatt even said that he doesn’t think they represented him very well, which sucks bc 2k14 was actually a great game IMO. I know that now it’s always about graphics, but I prefer quantity more then quality. I could think of well over 100 superstars that need and should be in the next game and if my system is so “advanced” I think they can include WWE, WWF, WCW, ECW, WCCW, WWWF, etc. they own pretty much every library in wrestling history, it’s time to use it.

  • CC

    I have been somewhat disappointed overall with it. The controls are a bit iffy for my liking for starters, but the tiny roster is one of the worst I have ever seen in the history of these games. And as said, the fact that the season pass now only includes the showcase stories and not the character add ons is dirty pool. Meaning if you want everything, its probably gonna cost $100/£100 or so for the game and all the extras.
    My other huge gripe is the faces on the characters, as so many of them are awful, especially the divas. With my system supposedly being next gen I was expecting to be wowed by the graphics, but I felt totally let down by how bad they look considering the technology available now.
    That said there is a nice variety of games to play. You have the traditional Universe mode, the rivalries/showcase mode, and you get career mode where you take your created characters from NXT to the WWE. No real story mode though.

  • TheFizPop

    Before you buy it, look into this new DLC stuff that is causing existing owners to get up in arms over. I don’t own it so haven’t paid much attention, but seems 2k are baitent switching their terms. Of course, if you care nothing for DLC and just want the game, then sure, takes around 16 hours to finish career mode so i hear and rivalries looks well done.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    See I enjoyed 2k13 and 13 quite much. The Wrestlmania mode was great and so was the attitude era mode. I just wish they could develop a story mode like the one in Here Comes the Pain. I also heard that 2k15 wasn’t worth buying and that you should just buy 2k14 instead. I’ll just wait till it’s cheap lol.

  • CC

    Dont rush to it. I skipped 2k14 as I had already upgraded to the PS4 last year, so its been two years between games for me, and the new one is just more of the same to be fair. Plus the roster is tiny compared to previous games. They have also been incredibly devious this year with the season pass as it only covers showcase mode, and you have to buy the extra character packs on top of that.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Maybe I should try 2k15…..