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Backstage Notes on WWE Keeping Bray Wyatt Strong for The Undertaker and Corey Graves

  • Loose Cannon

    I for one would love to see a triple threat match with the undertaker vs Bray Wyatt vs Sting would amazing, imagine the mind games in setting up something epic like this….keep dreaming I know!

  • Keith Learmonth

    For what it’s worth, using legends to get young guys over is usually the Legend’s choice. Most of them are aware they’ve had so much given to them in their own careers, that it’s now time to give back.

    RVD wouldn’t keep coming back if he didn’t enjoy putting over guys like Cesaro. He knows he’s the past, and knows he needs to help build the future.

  • The Killswitch

    I somewhat agree with it a Taker vs Bray match. Since he has beaten them all before finally losing to Brock (since there was no point in continuing past 20-0 in my opinion), he needs a “passing of the torch” match or gesture for Bray, since he’s the best “spooky mind games” character they’ve got right now, and his gimmick is working wonderfully. Do I want to see Sting vs. Taker? Of course I do. But Bray needs the match too.

  • rob

    so sting is in the wwe now, but they want the undertaker vs bray wyatt? damn, i don´t wanna see the undertaker losing again on wrestlemania, i just wanna see a last match of him against sting and that´s it, enough whit this crap of using legends just to get new guys over, that´s why i don´t care if i ever see stone cold wrestle again on the wwe , it will be a total waste, like having rvd jobbing to everyone, those legends deserve better

  • The Killswitch

    I read this as “Keeping Bray Wyatt strong for Corey Graves and the Undertaker as well.”