Backstage Piven Video from RAW, Lilian Garcia Update, RAW Competition and More

– Jeremy Piven and Ken Jeong posted a Twitter Video from backstage at RAW. Interestingly, the video said they were “six minutes” from hitting the ring for showtime despite being posted at around 5:30PM EST. The video can be seen at this link.



– According to, the backstage word is that the WWE Superstars have been very starstruck with Piven at the event. That is an interesting development given the reports of locker room heat and concern over the fact that Piven might not be into the product the way guests like Seth Green and Shaquille O’Neal were.

– Lilian Garcia noted on her Twitter that while she has only been officially booked through August 24, that is not necessarily her final date. She has yet to determine exactly when she will depart WWE.

– WWE’s RAW will have big ratings competition this evening as reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 returns tonight. The last time the show returned from a hiatus, they did a big number.

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