Backstage Report on the Status of Some of TNA’s Backstage Personalities, More

– There has been a lot of talk within TNA over how Jeff Jarrett’s situation could both positively and negatively effect those within the company. There are plenty of former TNA wrestlers and employees watching the saga closely, as they believe Jarrett was the main reason they were let go in the first place. TNA president Dixie Carter has a good reputation for reaching out via email or calls to people who have been let go and letting them know that it wasn’t a personal decision and that the door is open for returns. Meanwhile, several current TNA workers are watching the saga for a different reason — they feel their jobs are in jeopardy. Here’s the latest on the status of several major players in TNA, according to the PW Torch Newsletter:



Vince Russo: The controversial TNA booker has been telling people he fears for his job and believes TNA president Dixie Carter is on the verge of making major changes. There is plenty of speculation that anyone being perceived as one of “Jeff’s guys” is on the bubble right now. However there are sources within the company who feel Russo will stick around, while Jarrett’s other cronies like Dutch Mantel may not be so lucky.

Jeremy Borash: Borash is also tight with Jarrett, but the feeling is that due to his solid work ethic and likeable personality, his job isn’t at any risk at all.

Terry Taylor: The TNA head of talent relations’ job seems to be secure. He’s butted heads with Jarrett many times, and gained the respect of many within the company by finalizing contracts with several top talents within the last six months. If anything, Taylor could actually gain power if Jarrett doesn’t return.

Scott D’Amore: The former TNA creative member is believed to be on good terms with the company, but still wouldn’t get serious consideration from Dixie Carter for the head creative position if Jeff doesn’t return.

Pat Kenny: The former TNA agent’s name continues to come up in discussion as a candidate for a bigger role in the company. Kenny was a favorite of Dixie Carter and many were shocked when she allowed him to be released.

Matt Conway: The low-profile creative team member is believed to be the only booker who isn’t on the bubble right now. Carter added him to the team to serve as her eyes and ears, and he ended up become friends with the other bookers. He’s in his 20’s and most of the office feels that he has a better pulse on the target demographic than anyone else on the team.

Don West: Despite the recent change in performance, many company sources believe his days as a color commentator are numbered. Dixie Carter isn’t high on West, who is a friend of Jarrett, and the assumption is that Taz will take over his position sometime sooner than later. However, there’s still interest in using West as a backstage pitchman.

Christian: While it’s a moot point now, people close to Christian say that if Jarrett had been removed from power earlier, Christian may have never left TNA and returned to WWE.

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