Backstage Talk on Why Brock Lesnar Won’t Skip WrestleMania, More on the Vince McMahon Argument

– As of this week, the business disagreement between Vince McMahon and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is still unresolved but Vince is confident that Lesnar will work WrestleMania 31. There are reports going around that Vince has told WWE creative to come up with back-up plans for the WrestleMania event but that is not the case as Vince has told everyone involved not to create back-up plans.



People within WWE that are involved with booking WrestleMania did not know if Lesnar would be there or not, as of this week, but since he is booked and still advertised, the company is going forward with the idea that Lesnar will be there.

Not only would Lesnar bring a breach of contract and a major lawsuit by not showing up for WrestleMania, the payday for WrestleMania is so significant that there’s virtually on chance that he will skip the show and there isn’t much concern within WWE about him missing WrestleMania. However, there is some concern over Lesnar’s future with WWE after WrestleMania.

We noted before that Lesnar and Vince got into such a heated shouting match at the RAW in Nashville that people were concerned backstage. This is the same night Lesnar walked out and went home. The issues with Vince that night had to do with talks about his new WWE contract but it was said this week by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the differences were not too big for them to get past but it was more of two people, Vince and Brock, who did not want to back down to the other.

Regarding Brock’s appearance at UFC 184 last Saturday, he made the arrangements with UFC President Dana White at least a few days before the event, which would have been just a day or two after the incident at RAW.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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