Backstage TNA News: Dixie Carter Trying To Get Jarrett To Walk Away?

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Dutch Mantel’s firing last week is being viewed by sources within TNA as a very telling move regarding Jeff Jarrett’s future with the company. All sources agree that Mantel’s firing is a sign that Jarrett either won’t be coming back, or will have little-to-no power if he opts to return. Sources say Mantel was like a father figure to Jarrett and Jarrett never would have released him.

Mantel was viewed by many within TNA as someone who objected to storyline ideas without offering any fresh ideas of his own. He had a good reputation from booking in Puertyo Rico and people were excited when he was hired in 2003, but that excitement quickly faded.

There are some people within the company who believe that Dixie Carter fired him in hopes that it would lead to Jarrett just walking away from the company. Jeff has kept a low profile since he was sent home and hasn’t commented publicly or given any indication as to what his plans are. There’s talk that Jarrett may have sought legal counsel on the matter.

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