Backstage update on John Cena’s WWE return

As we reported before, WWE has announced that Free Agent John Cena will be returning to next week during the Christmas edition of Monday Night Raw.



However the last time Cena appeared on WWE Programming was at Survivor Series and since it was a one night appearance many believed that this will also be the same.

Although, During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Cena being advertised for a number of Live Events in the same week and speculated that this time; he could stay around for longer:

“[Cena] is in, until he’s gone again, working the Garden, he’s working that whole week, so I presume he’s in the Royal Rumble. I haven’t heard his name attached to any new movies that are filming in the next couple months, so I think he’s back for a run.”

No word yet on what John Cena will be doing when he returns to WWE Programming but we’ll keep you posted if any official announcement about it is made.

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