Backstage Update on Rey Mysterio’s Suspension and Money He Will Be Losing

Source: Wrestling Observer



– The belief is that Rey Mysterio’s 30 day suspension from WWE will cost him in excess of $100,000. This figure has been determined due to Mysterio missing two pay-per-view events (he will miss next Sunday’s Breaking Point PPV and will likely miss the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 4 since they would have no TV time to build up a match) and four weeks of house show events.

Like other drug-related suspensions in WWE, Mysterio will not be getting paid his downside guarantee and will not be able to collect the normal money he would make from appearing on house show and pay-per-view events if he was still performing. He will still be collecting merchandise revenue during his 30 day suspension though, which is still a huge revenue source for him in WWE. It is believed that Mysterio is earning in the range of $1.5 million annually, but a good deal of that comes from strong merchandise sales as he is one of the top sellers in WWE. It is interesting to note that his money earning ability from merchandise has always been strong and even continued to be while he was out battling injuries on a frequent basis.

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