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Backstage updates on Kurt Angle – Jason Jordan storyline

Kurt Angle with Jason Jordon

The latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter shed some more light on the Kurt Angle- Jason Jordan storyline and revealed some interesting facts about it.

According to the Newsletter, Jordan only found out about his new role as Angle’s lost son last week. It’s not revealed whether Chad Gable was made aware of this storyline at the same time.

Furthermore, the report states that this is storyline is the reason why American Alpha hasn’t been part of any significant feud recently which reveals that WWE had been planning this for a while.

Many believe that Chad Gable would have been more fitting in the role of Angle’s son, but the Wrestling Observer speculates that Jordan was chosen instead due to The Hall Of Famers’ known affiliation with African- American Women in the past.

After Gable’ interview on this week’s SmackDown Live, it’s confirmed that this storyline effectively breaks-up American Alpha as a team and the duo will be going their separate ways in future.

  • Nicholas2778

    This is not the first time WWE has use this kind of storyline. The Undertaker and Kane does anybody really believe they are brothers in real life heck no. They trying to get Jason Jordan over hopefully it works.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    ….yeah, I was just thinking that was the ONLY way this makes sense, that Angle was once with an african-american woman. Otherwise, how many people really knew that? Nobody. It’s a poor excuse of a storyline to get a guy over just because he was using the “USA” gimmick.

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    Sorry my bad.

  • pitfallharry219

    If you’re going to misspell a guy’s name once, might as well do it four times in the story.

    And if Gable were six inches taller, this definitely would’ve been his spot.

  • TheFizPop

    LOL Yes! JJ being Angles son makes wayyyyyy more sense than Gable… Angles known history of who he slept with are current topics among wwe’s PG demo also, so A+ for continuity!! I love wwe’s ‘So bad its good’ era