More backstage updates on a second Superstar Shakeup later this year

If the news of a second Superstar Shakeup possibly taking place within a year wasn’t surprising enough, it now appears that WWE may make this a steady thing instead of a one time deal.



For those who haven’t heard it yet, a few weeks ago, it was reported that Vince McMahon wants to do another superstar shakeup after SummerSlam this year.

Not only that but it was also reported that some Main Roster Stars could be sent back to NXT too during the second round of the rebranded WWE Drafts.

Now Pwinsider has shed some more light on the situation and the site is reporting that the idea is to do 2 Superstar Shakeups every year instead of doing just one major draft as it used to be in the initial years of Brand Extension.

Whether this arrangement will be for better or for worse will only be seen in the future, but considering the fact that many stars who were moved during drafts earlier this year are still trying to secure their place on their new brands, it’s safe to say that it feels too early to think about another shakeup.

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