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Backstage WWE Reaction to CM Punk’s Recent Comments About Ryback and Punk’s Health

– Regarding CM Punk’s comments about Ryback on the first podcast with Colt Cabana, there was a feeling within WWE that the comments were unprofessional and cheap. It was said that nobody believed Ryback really kicked Punk as hard as he could or intentionally broke Punk’s ribs.

On a related note, it was said that almost nobody within WWE had any sympathy for Punk’s situation with his various injuries. The feeling was that every top guy on the WWE roster that works a full schedule has a litany of injuries.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • xXx

    what’s amantur?

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think the whole Backstage thing went out the window when Cm Punk ratted on Ryback in a shoot interview I think there is unwritten code when it comes to Pro Wrestling and the locker room. Punk going to get beat up pretty bad in the UFC and have to say White it a smart move to try to get Pro Wrestling fan to turn into UFC if just to see Punk get beat up. Sorry but Punk is no Brock Lasner. Brock Lasner had the wrestling amunter background to work from he also started out small in the MMA did not go to the UFC right away. But going to be fun to watch Punk get beat up I think many MMA guys don’t like Punk already.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    True. But you also have to look at all the guys who aren’t limping and are still fine to this day, that IMO, had a harder time during the attitude era. It’s sucks, but all the guys know what they’re getting into and most of the “limping” guys I’m sure you speaking about, are also recovery alcoholics and drug addicts or, like Hogan, don’t know when to stop and push their old bodies more then they should.

  • Omar

    Punk might be this or that, but consistently working hurt and traveling everyday for the whole year without an off season is nothing to be proud of. Look at every retired wrestler who is a physical mess and at best limping shell of his former self. What good is all that money when you will have to spend most of it on your health when you retire?

    Wrestlers need to be smart and be business men. They might make fun of what they call “smarks” but it is in fact WWE that consistently makes a mark out of them.