Bad Bunny To Beat Top WWE Star At WrestleMania

In major news concerning international rapper and current WWE personality, Bad Bunny, Dave Meltzer posted on the forums that the current plan is to go forward with Bad Bunny and Damien Priest vs current WWE champion The Miz and former ECW champion John Morrison with the former allegedly going over in that WrestleMania 37 matchup. Meltzer stated the following. Bray Wyatt recently ‘lost’ to Bad Bunny in a very surprising way.



“I believe that if you squash somebody you beat nobody. One-sided squashes were something limited to WWE heel challengers historically in wrestling. Nobody else did them except on rare occasions. Plus, here’s the problem. They were booked to go 6:30. Once you get past 2:00, you can’t squash a guy unless you want to make the match boring. And they didn’t want Bad Bunny out there for 2:00. There’s no other choice in the matter. You either can’t have him out there for more than 2:00 or Priest has to sell, which is hardly the end of the world. Nobody will remember a thing three days from now and it’s nitpicking to think otherwise. Priest’s success or failure will come after Bunny leaves. He’s guaranteed a win at Mania which will be remembered far longer than a match with Garza that everyone has already forgotten about a day later. If they screw him up after Mania, that’s on them. Odds say they will. Saying this match has anything to do with that is ridiculous.”

Meltzer also continued: “Also, Evans & Angelico are nobodies. Almost always on Dark. When was their last win on Dynamite? So the Young Bucks,as tag champs should have beaten them in 2:00 and never sold a thing for them. Instead they sold, gave them near falls, and basically ruined their champions credibility. Except that didn’t happen. And today, the Young Bucks must be dead as acts because they sold much of the match to these high spot YouTubers.:

This Bad Bunny WWE Championship win was teased a major AEW star. Meltzer concluded: “Tanahashi was ruined in 2019 with that match with Umino in the New Japan Cup. Once Kenny Omega wasn’t ruined for life because Alan Angels kicked out of a V trigger, like far too many people claimed, I think the idea that selling in a match you win clean even to a nobody, and Alan Angels was as much a nobody as there was int he business on that night, doesn’t hurt anyone if you beat them clean in the end. If that was wrong, Ric Flair’s career would have died in 1975 because all he did was sell for job guys on television before beating them.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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