Bad News For The Breaking Point PPV Buy Rate, Roddy Piper Health Scare, & More




— The Packers/Bears NFL game last night did a 13.4 rating, and was the highest-rated Sunday night of television since the Academy Awards in February, which probably isn’t a positive for the Breaking Point buy rate last night. Show game did a 35 rating in both Chicago and Milwaukee. For what it’s worth, last night “WWE Breaking Point results” was the #93 most-searched phrase on Google, which may be yet another induction of a poor buy rate for the newly established annual PPV.

— Phil sent word that Julius Jones of the Seattle Seahawks did the Ric Flair strut after scoring a touchdown against the rams yesterday. Cory sent word that when Cullen Jenkins of the Packers took down Bears running back Matt Forte, announcer Al Michaels called it “an MMA move” as opposed to a UFC or WWE move. Cory also writes that there were several WWE and UFC references in college games.

— Roddy Piper has pulled out of the Big Time Wrestling event for 9/25 in Danbury, CT due to health issues, according to his agency. His agency, The Gillespie Agency, says Piper hopes he’ll be able to make up the dates in the future. Over 700 fans have purchased tickets for the Danbury event. Sgt Slaughter will be replacing Piper, who has been battling cancer in recent years. Refunds will also be offered.

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