Barack Obama’s Sister Gets Tear Gassed In…

Auma Obama, an activist and the half-sister of former President Barack Obama, found herself caught in the tumult of a protest in Nairobi, Kenya, where she was tear-gassed while participating in demonstrations against contentious finance legislation. The proposed legislation has sparked widespread discontent among Kenyan citizens due to its provisions for significant tax hikes amounting to $2.7 billion, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.



In a poignant moment captured during an interview with CNN amidst the chaos, Auma Obama explained her presence at the protest, emphasizing the youth’s determination to advocate for their rights through peaceful means, waving flags and displaying banners. However, her words were abruptly cut short as tear gas enveloped the area, forcing her to express disbelief and discomfort, saying, “I can’t even see anymore; we’re being teargassed.”

The scenes of protest in Nairobi have escalated, culminating in the unprecedented act of demonstrators setting fire to Kenya’s Parliament building in a visceral display of frustration and resistance against the proposed legislation. The protests underscore a broader societal dissatisfaction with governmental decisions perceived as burdensome and economically detrimental to ordinary citizens.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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