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Baron Corbin was reportedly involved in a backstage incident which could have gotten him fired

It appears that the Baron Corbin saga is nowhere near to an end as Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer is now reporting that he had a backstage incident which could have gotten him fired.

Meltzer wrote the following on WO’s message board, stating that this incident was not reported by anyone but it was so big that it could have gotten Corbin fired if Vince McMahon didn’t like him:

“Only thing I can say is that there was an incident, it wasn’t anything reported, nothing in the ring, not related to Twitter or talent, and they changed booking plans. He’ll be fine. Vince loves him. If not, he’d have been fired.”

It’s worth mentioning here that while Meltzer didn’t reveal anything about the incident, there is a story going around that it involves WWE Head Doctor Joseph Maroon.

According to some unconfirmed reports, Maroon recently had a session involving some WWE stars including Corbin where he was talking to them about concussion.

However, Corbin reportedly interrupted the WWE Head Doctor several times during the session in disagreement about Joseph’s opinion on CTE. The belief is that Baron shouldn’t have raised his disagreement in public and he should have talked to the WWE Official in private.