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Baron Corbin on his dream opponent

Baron Corbin was interviewed by Busted Open Radio during WrestleMania week. Corbin discussed his love for metal music, his love for professional wrestling, and being in the business. Corbin also goes into detail about who he would like to fight while in the WWE.

Below are a few highlights of the interview. (transcription courtesy of WrestlingInc.)

His love for metal music:

Metal fans have a connection. There is something there, just like the wrestling world, they are die hard about wrestling, and it’s that passion that makes you enjoy what you do. That is why I go to metal shows; you watch these dudes on stage just shredding and letting loose. You can’t help but love it

Growing up a fan of professional wrestling:

Kind of where that comes from, coming in to NXT they say that I am an NFL guy, I don’t love Pro Wrestling. Wait, they don’t like me because they think I don’t like Pro Wrestling? I literally used that to have them hate me. I would say how I never worked for a hot dog and chips. I didn’t have to do this, which is true, and that is what makes people angry, but I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. That is Harley Race Country.

I saw unbelievable shows with my dad. I have posters in my Dad’s garage before I was born where Ric Flair and Kamala were the undercard. There’s this history in Kansas City, so it was pretty cool to be growing up and seeing those shows. That was a bond between me and my dad growing up.

It was music and Pro Wrestling, that is what we did. That turned into me playing sports. It is crazy how many avenues that Pro Wrestling opened up.

Working in the business:

“I love it. I love every second of it. I got to travel to Japan. I never in my life thought i would go to Japan. I am also wrestling in front of all these fans, who are filled with passion.

Then, I am going to China and Saudi Arabia, and getting to travel to the United States my wife gets to come with me sometimes. That is the experience I love. I love just getting to experience the different types of fans, and getting to perform in front of thousands of people every night, that is icing on the cake for me.

That is the fun. I enjoy the hard work of it, but the pay day is walking through the curtains and taking the fans for a ride.

Who his dream opponent would be on the current roster:

Roman Reigns. Without a doubt. I think he is the best athlete WWE has to offer. I have been in the ring with AJ Styles, so of course I would say the same for him, but I have never been in the ring with Roman Reigns, or Seth Rollins, and I think what those guys bring to the table are truly special.

They just have something about them, and you know that they are a star. When Roman Reigns walks into a room, you say to yourself, that guy is a star. That is how i carry myself, and I think he is so athletic, and I believe I am one of the greatest athletes WWE has because of what I can offer with my background, from Golden Gloves to the NFL.

I am a big dude that can move, so I want to see want kind of magic a guy like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins can bring against me.

  • CC

    Reigns the best athlete in WWE? Not even close.
    Not saying he is not athletic, but not a patch on so many others on the roster for being an out and out athlete.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Pretty sure hes been in thw same ring with them. We’re they not in the same ring during royale rumble?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Mine would be Aj Styles, HBK or he who shall not be named (Benoit).