Baron Corbin In Trouble With Triple H Backstage

Brad Shepard took to Twitter and reported that Baron Corbin and Humberto are simply not liked much by Triple H.



Corbin and Humberto will always be very talented, regardless of how the Nose Man feels! 👃🏻 #WWE #WWERaw #WWESmackDown


Alexa Bliss is a shining example of someone who has worked tirelessly to climb to the top of the WWE world. Her unwavering determination to always strive for the best version of herself is truly awe-inspiring and has inspired countless people to pursue their dreams relentlessly. While she has already achieved so much success in her career, she is not resting on her laurels and has big plans for her future in the wrestling world.

Sadly, like many high-profile individuals, Alexa Bliss has to deal with online trolls who attempt to bring her down with their hateful comments. However, Alexa is not one to be deterred by such negativity and recently fired back at her detractors.

As previously reported, Little Miss Bliss had to take a much-needed break from WWE television. However, not everyone was pleased with this decision. During her hiatus, Alexa Bliss had to undergo treatment for a very serious skin condition, namely Basal Cell Carcinoma. Despite the successful procedure, her trolls still found ways to attack her, even going as far as to criticize her for showing off her stitches.

Frustrated with the constant barrage of hate, Alexa Bliss took to Twitter to call out all the keyboard warriors and make it clear that their insults and attacks hold no power over her. She even expressed curiosity as to how these individuals believe their hateful comments affect her.

Through her bold stance against online bullying and negativity, Alexa Bliss continues to be an inspiration to many. Her unwavering resolve in the face of adversity serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of positivity. Alexa’s journey thus far is a testament to the notion that hard work, resilience, and a positive attitude can overcome even the greatest challenges. We can’t wait to see what she will accomplish in the future!

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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