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Baron Corbin receives high praise from Randy Orton and Lance Storm

  • Rinn13

    The King of the Ring hasn’t meant anything at all since they stopped doing it as a PPV years ago. When they first did the Brand Split, in 2002, they had ONE final KotR PPV, in which the tournament was the Raw side and the Smackdown side, with the winners of each facing off in the final match to determine the KotR. THAT made perfect sense, and was perfect for the two “separate” brands format. It was like pro sports, where the NFC/AFC, or ML/AL, or West/East face off in the Championship game at the end of the playoffs.

    But then they did the WWE thing, where they do what doesn’t make sense, and stopped having KoTR for several years altogether, let alone having the semi-finals and finals be a PPV event. One of the few things that really would have made the brand split feel like it mattered more, they threw away. And then years later, they bring KotR back, but only as a Raw, TV exclusive. It has meant nothing at all since 2002, is the point. It’s been a token gesture since then.

  • Rajah

    Yeah, it’s a pity it went from being a stand alone PPV, to the final being during a PPV, to then move the final to the second match of Raw.

  • Soulshroude

    The match was good, but… the entirety of this years King of the Ring Tournament was a total cop-out and this was clear after Shane’s involvement. This is the year that the KotR Tournament has lost its integrity. Corbin is good, not great… but, he’s not the only one who should have gotten the push. There are far better talent than him over the last few years, since he came aboard… yeah. The WWe in my perspective has become a joke.

    Now that the WWe has Randy Orton to endorse Corbin for a little extra cash, no telling what’s going to happen next. I’d personally rather watch AEW when it debut’s on television.