Barron Trump Helps ‘Struggling’ Dad In Photo

Growing up, former President Donald Trump was never a hands-on, loving father to his five children. and there has been a lot of conjecture over his connection with his youngest child, Barron, who is 17 years old.



However, there was a brief moment of sympathy between Trump and his teenage son when the youngster made a gesture in the direction of his 77-year-old father outside of an Episcopal church in Palm Beach. This church served as the venue for Amalija Knavs’s funeral, the former president’s mother-in-law and Barron’s grandmother.

While Trump appeared dejected, defenseless, or abandoned, Barron seemed to reach out to give him a pat on the back or grasp his arm. In the picture, Barron was seen standing taller than his father and appeared to be giving him some sort of care.

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It has been noted that  Trump has a lot going on. He’s running for president again, is the current GOP frontrunner, and just won the Iowa Republican caucuses. But he’s also fending off criminal and civil trials in multiple jurisdictions.

The Daily Mail reported that he flew to Palm Beach in the early hours of Thursday morning to be at his mother-in-law’s funeral and to be by the side of his wife, Melania Trump. Amalija Knavs died Jan. 9 at the age of 78 following an undisclosed illness.

Trump was in New York City earlier this week to attend his defamation trial with writer E. Jean Carroll. On Wednesday, Trump fumed that the judge overseeing the trial for refused to delay the proceedings a day so he could attend his mother-in-law’s funeral.

“I thought it was terrible. I thought it was terrible,” Trump said at a press conference Wednesday of Judge Lewis Kaplan’s decision, the New York Post reported. He said he assumed that, “for a trial like this,” the judge would “have been very nice” and delay the trial for a day so that he could attend the funeral. Trump said that he would like to be present at “all days” of the trial but that Kaplan was making that impossible. Trump slammed the judge as “nasty” and called him “a radical Trump hater.”

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