Barron Trump Is Sadly Now ‘Fair Game’ To…

Barron Trump was called ‘fair game’ to attack on his 18th birthday.



President Joe Biden is embarking on a campaign tour through two pivotal western battleground states, Nevada and Arizona, as part of his reelection strategy. His focus will center on initiatives aimed at tackling housing affordability, creating jobs in clean energy and manufacturing, and strengthening organizing efforts in these states.

Biden’s trip aims to solidify support among diverse voter groups, including Latinos, who constitute a significant portion of the electorate in both Nevada and Arizona. He plans to launch the “Latinos con Biden-Harris” organizing initiative in South Phoenix, Arizona, highlighting the importance of this demographic in his electoral strategy.

Despite winning both states in 2020, early polling suggests a challenging path to victory for Biden this year, particularly in Nevada, where the race is expected to be tight. In Arizona, recent polling reflects a slight lead for former President Donald Trump, compounded by Biden’s nationwide low approval ratings.

However, Biden’s campaign is banking on several key issues, such as reproductive rights and defending democracy, to sway moderate voters in their favor. Initiatives like potential abortion rights provisions on state ballots are seen as pivotal to galvanizing support, particularly among women and moderates.

The campaign also aims to activate Biden’s diverse coalition of voters, including AAPI, Black, indigenous, young, and women voters, as well as union workers. Biden’s efforts extend to Spanish-language outreach, with the earliest-ever ad campaign targeting Latino voters and a focus on grassroots organizing in Latino communities.

Biden’s visit to the Sun Belt states is part of a broader strategy to secure battleground states crucial to achieving the necessary 270 electoral votes. His campaign sees these states, along with others in the so-called blue wall and the South, as integral to their electoral pathway.

The president’s trip includes stops in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, where he’ll discuss housing affordability and meet with local leaders and volunteers. In Phoenix, Arizona, Biden will kick off the “Latinos con Biden-Harris” initiative and deliver remarks on his “Investing in America” agenda, including a significant funding announcement related to chip manufacturing.

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