Barron Trump Says If Dad Wins Election He Will….

Barron Trump told Patrick Bet-David he is planning on going to college, but has choices that could be determined based on his Dad’s next ‘job’ which could be President.



More than 500 New Yorkers have been summoned to appear at Manhattan’s criminal court on April 15, unaware that they’re being considered for jury duty in what could be one of the most high-profile criminal trials in U.S. history—former President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial.

Lawyers representing Trump and Manhattan prosecutors are preparing to scrutinize over 500 potential jurors, highlighting the significance of the case. They will assess responses to lengthy questionnaires and conduct individual interviews in court to select jurors capable of rendering an impartial verdict. This process, expected to take days or even weeks, aims to identify individuals who can set aside biases and decide based on evidence.

Ultimately, 12 jurors and a few alternates will be chosen to determine whether Trump illegally falsified business records following the payment of “hush money” to an adult film star days before the 2016 election. Trump faces 34 felony counts and maintains his innocence.

Former Manhattan prosecutor Duncan Levin remarked on the unique nature of this trial, considering Trump’s unparalleled fame. He emphasized the importance of selecting jurors who remain open-minded about the case.

The jury selection process, known as voir dire, seeks jurors capable of rendering impartial judgments based solely on evidence. Trump’s legal team has raised concerns about the trial’s venue in a Democratic stronghold, alleging bias. However, similar challenges in high-profile cases, like Harvey Weinstein’s trial, demonstrate the city’s ability to select fair jurors.

Cornell Law School professor Valerie Hans highlighted potential challenges posed by extensive media coverage, which could influence jurors’ interpretation of evidence. Despite Trump’s claims of bias, Hans suggested that his active engagement with media attention might mitigate any pro-prosecution bias.

Prosecutors intend to question potential jurors about their views on Trump’s post-election claims, including the question of whether they believe the 2020 election was stolen. This line of questioning aims to identify jurors willing to follow evidence rather than blindly accepting Trump’s statements.

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