Barron Trump Spotted With 23-Year Old Star

Reports are circulating that popular streamer Adin Ross donated $3,000,000 to former President Donald Trump’s campaign and is already a confirmed attendant of Trump’s rally. Adin Ross was at the Trump rally in Miami, Florida as a Special guest. Laura Loomer reported that Ross’ seat was right across from her and her seat was directly behind Barron Trump’s.



It has been also noted that Barron Trump received massive cheers and applause as he attended his father’s Florida rally amid Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to land a second presidential term.

The former president’s youngest child was given a moment in the spotlight as his father introduced him at a campaign event near Miami on Tuesday night. Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump had introduced all three of his sons to the crowd of supporters and said that it was “the first time” his youngest offspring had ever attended a rally. He also teased his son’s future in college.

The Republican was seemingly caught off guard by the crowd rising to give a standing ovation when he began to introduce his youngest son, saying, “Oh, look at this!”

“A very young man who’s now going to college,” Donald Trump said while continuing the introduction. “Got into every college he wanted to and he made his choice. And he’s a very good guy, I’ll tell you…He’s a very special guy, Barron Trump. This is the first time he’s ever done this.”

Donald Trump then asked the teen to stand up, as he told the crowd: “Look at him!” The recent high school graduate obliged and he briefly waved to the crowd and pumped his fist before his father said he is “pretty popular” and “might be more popular” than older sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

“Barron, it’s good to have you,” Donald Trump said. “Welcome to the scene, Barron. I don’t know. He had such a nice easy life, now it’s a little bit changed.”


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