Barron Trump Was Raided By FBI In Florida

During a fiery rant on Newsmax, Eric Trump, the second oldest son of former President Donald Trump, made sensational claims about the Democratic Party, accusing them of engaging in acts of rape and pillage. Speaking with host Carl Higbie, Trump alleged that the Democratic Party would go to great lengths to target and destroy anyone who questioned their power or interfered with their agenda.



According to Eric Trump, the Democratic Party would resort to burning down streets and targeting innocent people. He went further, claiming that they would even go after the families of those who opposed them, including their children. In a particularly bizarre statement, Trump asserted that they would raid the room of Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s youngest son, and rummage through his underwear drawer. However, no further details or evidence were provided to support this claim.

Eric Trump credited his father, Donald Trump, with being a strong and powerful figure who could fight against these alleged injustices. He praised Donald Trump for his wealth, influence, and refusal to be intimidated. Eric claimed that he had spent the last 72 hours with his father and emphasized his belief that Donald Trump was the strongest man in the world.

Eric Trump also asserted that even in the face of legal challenges, such as potential indictments on numerous counts, his father would not be deterred. He suggested that Donald Trump would leave the courthouse, make a stop at a restaurant off the record, and then proceed to give a campaign speech the same night. Eric applauded his father’s resilience, claiming that he understood the game and needed to stand up against what he perceived as an attempt to subvert democracy.

Eric Trump argued that the Democratic Party was attempting to control every aspect of the system to undermine democracy and take away people’s votes. He painted a dire picture of the current state of affairs in the country, asserting that if his father didn’t confront these perceived threats, democracy itself would be at risk.

If you get in the way of the Democratic Party, if you question their power, if you interfere with their little fiefdom, they will target you, they will come after you, and they will try and destroy your life,” Trump’s second oldest son told host Carl Higbie.

“It is rape and pillage. They will burn down the street. It doesn’t matter for these people, they will take out innocent people. They will go after your family, they will go after your kids, you know, they will raid Barron’s room — who’s a 16-year old, 15-year old kid — they’ll go through his underwear drawer, they’ll send the FBI, they’ll spy on your campaign. We’ve seen it all.”

Eric Trump did not give expound upon the alleged riffling through Donald Trump‘s youngest son’s underwear drawer.

“Thank God you have a guy like Donald Trump who has a lot of money behind his name, who is able to fight these people, who has a very loud voice,” Eric continued. “He’s the strongest man I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve spent the last 72 hours with him; the guy’s the strongest man in the world, he cannot be run over, he will not be intimidated, he will not stop,” he continued, adding:

He will leave the courthouse, he will do an off-the-record stop — meaning, he’ll go to a restaurant — and then he’ll give a campaign speech that very same night after he gets indicted on 37 counts. Because he knows the game. He has to stand up to the nonsense in this country, otherwise we’re not going to have Democracy anymore. Because these people are trying to subvert Democracy. They’re trying to take away peoples’ vote by controlling every aspect of the system.

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