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Batista Comments on Fans Hijacking Shows, Says Daniel Bryan Deserves All of His Success

– As noted, Batista recently spoke with Mike Jones of DC 101 in Washington, DC. Batista commented on the WWE fans hijacking shows these days:

“It’s the whole show that they are missing out on. I love that they love Daniel Bryan, it’s great. He deserves all of his success, but at the same time, we can’t have 16 segments of Daniel Bryan. They would get bored really fast. He is a star on the show, he’s gonna be out there eventually. If you chant his name through every other match that’s going on, it’s just… they’re missing out.”

  • CC

    The point Shatista is missing is that the reason the fans are hijacking the show is that they are showing their disapproval of the guys who are getting pushed just as much as they are showing how much they are fans of Bryan. If there were more guys like Bryan, Punk, Ziggler and Christian at the top, and we were not getting force fed the likes of Orton, Cena and Shatista, then the fans would not be hijacking the show, but of course there is no way he can accept that the fans dont actually like him.

  • rumballinthejungle

    A good example of this is The Shield vs The Real Americans on Raw this week. There was huge “WE, THE PEOPLE!” chants at the start of the match and Seth Rollins turned that around with a couple of awesome moves

  • TheFizPop

    Not really Dave, have you seen the ‘creative’ lately ie past 10 years! Although fans have nothing on England fans 😉 they have made boring segments interesting.

    If fans are bored through audibles in a match, do some moves on the fly. Personally i now more than ever wish wwe would scrap scripts as fans are being real and often harsh, they are asking for any response they get, good or bad towards, them. If fans dish it, then they take it. Make the performers showcase their art, not just be second rate actors