Batista ‘Demands’ Arrest After Disturbing Attack

The former WWE star Batista certainly loves animals and he recently saw a dog who was abused. He eventually found out that the abuse caused disturbing damage to the pup’s neck.



Batista offers money to arrest dog abusers

Now the former World Champion has offered huge cash money for the valuable information regarding the abuse which will help catch the culprit. While posting some photos that are really hard to look at, ‘The Animal’ included a caption that expressed how incredibly upset he is about this. Then he offered a staggering reward for the capture of whoever did this to that poor animal. Paige Stunned By Boyfriend Dating WWE Star Rumor

“ATTN Tampa Bay: I will personally hand $5000 cash to the person who gives information leading to the arrest and conviction of the sick piece of shit responsible for this. In addition @humanesocietytampabay is also offering $1500 .If you know anything please contact @humanesocietytampabay or @safek9”

The culprit needs to face consequences and it is hoped that he will be convicted. Meanwhile, the dog needs to be treated and hopefully will heal soon.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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