Batista Ex-WWE Girlfriend Kicked Out Of Hotel

WrestleCon, the popular pro wrestling fan destination, was abuzz with excitement this year. However, the headlines that the convention garnered were not the ones it was hoping for. The event saw Rick Steiner hurling transphobic and misgendering comments at Gisele Shaw, and Melina, another wrestling personality, also got into trouble during the event.



Melina, who made an appearance at WrestleCon in Los Angeles over the past weekend and allegedly dated Batista in the past, unfortunately, found herself embroiled in an unpleasant incident that led to her being asked to leave the venue. Regrettably, there is no video footage available of the situation.

According to PW Insider Elite, Melina attended the WWE SmackDown event on Friday night and later returned to the WrestleCon hotel. However, things took a turn for the worse when she reportedly began “acting out in a loud manner” and got into an argument with another individual, which eventually led to a physical altercation.

The incident proved to be Melina’s undoing as she was promptly asked to leave the hotel where WrestleCon was taking place. The unfortunate turn of events did not bode well for her, and it has raised questions about her future in the wrestling industry.

Security at the hotel also had to get involved, and Melina was ordered off the property and not allowed to return to do her signings at WrestleCon. It was undoubtedly not the outcome she had hoped for, and the incident could have severe ramifications for her wrestling career.

Melina has been teasing a return to WWE for some time now, but this recent incident may have seriously jeopardized her chances. With this story making the rounds in the wrestling community, she may not want to hold her breath waiting for a call from Stamford anytime soon.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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