Batista Lost Real Fight To WWE Legend Backstage

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently stated that he was not willing to face Batista after their backstage fallout. However, he said that their chemistry improved after their altercation. Booker T has claimed he won his real life backstage fight with Batista. Kurt Angle said Batista was ‘banged up’ from the fight, while Booker T had a black eye.



Booker T opens up on Batista

The WWE Hall of Famer had discussed Bryan Danielson’s recent comments about The Miz. The AEW star had stated that he and The A-Lister didn’t like each other. A similar incident took place with Booker and Batista.

On Booker T’s Hall of Fame show, the legend said that he was in a similar situation to Danielson as he did not get along with Batista. However, he had to be in a storyline with him. The former World Champion said that pro wrestlers need to keep their “beefs” aside when they enter the ring and act in a professional manner. He did the same when he had worked with Batista. Here is what he said:

“I never talk about the incident between Dave [Batista] and I or anything like that. We were not friends or anything like that, and him and I, we had to work together. He wasn’t a person that I particularly wanted to work with, but I’m a professional, just like [Bryan] Danielson, I’m a professional, I’m going to get the work done and hopefully, that makes some really good TV. I do know after the incident [with Batista], I think we were able to work in the ring a whole lot better, actually. I think things got a lot smoother. Maybe before there wasn’t a respect deal going into our matches, but after I’m sure there was a lot of respect going into that ring,” said Booker T.

You can check out the video clip below:

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