Batista Meets With Big Name For WrestleMania?

Batista’s final run in WWE before his retirement was against Triple H which culminated at Wrestlemania 35 a couple of years ago. One of the most popular lines during that feud saw Batista telling Triple H to give him what he wanted over and over again. Batista was also supposed to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame last year but due to timing issues and scheduling conflicts, it did not end up happening. WWE also paid huge money for the return of Batista. 



After transitioning into a successful acting career, David Bautista, known professionally as Batista, bid farewell to the ring in 2019 with a retirement match against Triple H at WrestleMania 35.

The Animal made his return to the WWE for the final episode of SmackDown in 2022. The veteran wrestler and accomplished actor reunited with his old friend, Triple H, who now holds the position of Chief Content Officer, ahead of rumors of a WrestleMania Hall of Fame induction.

“I haven’t watched [WWE] much, and that’s just because I’m not watching TV much these days, [but] I did have a sit-down conversation with Hunter because he was in Tampa for ‘SmackDown,’” Bautista told ComicBook.

Bautista and Triple H have a long history dating back to their time as members of the renowned faction “Evolution”. As part of the group, Bautista skyrocketed to fame and became one of the most dominant forces in professional wrestling. His involvement in Evolution was a defining moment in his career, propelling him to new heights and solidifying his status as a top performer. The reunion of Bautista and Triple H at the last SmackDown of 2022 was a tribute to their shared past, a testament to the lasting connection between two of the biggest names in the industry.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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