Batista Message To WWE Star’s Mom Leaks

As many fans know already, Batista is very outspoken on social media. The Animal, on many occasions has spoken up or out and while many disagreed with what he had to say, he for sure had no problem at all saying it. Well, now Batista is on to speaking about mothers and Republicans…Charlotte Flair Speaks Out On Becky Lynch Feud.



The Animal responded to a tweet by Marco Rubio that stated: “Every major social problem in America can be linked to fatherlessness Wherever involved fathers are rare, crisis is certain to follow And billions in government spending is no substitute for fatherhood.”

Batista responded: “Love and respect to all the single mothers who bust their asses daily to raise good men and women. My mom included. @TitusONeilWWE mom who raised a man who does more for people in need that @marcorubio could ever dream of. The Retrumplicans are tone deaf AF!”

Many stars have come into WWE without fathers, but Batista and Titus have always spoke up about women’s rights and being raised by strong women which is extremely admirable. Batista could simply not hold is tongue when Marco Rubio gave his strong opinion.

Let’s hope for Rubio’s sake that he doesn’t see Batista in public anytime soon.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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