Batista On The Dialogue For His Character In Spectre, Rosa Mendes’ Goal

– During a recent interview with Yahoo Movies, Dave Bautista commented on the dialogue for his Mr. Hinx character in the new James Bond “007: Spectre” movie.



“The dialogue thing was constantly a conversation [throughout production], and oftentimes a joke. Like we’d say it jokingly, ‘What if he never spoke?’… Or I thought it’d be great if right before he went to speak, then he was yanked off. And then we went back and forth, and Sam thought for a minute that maybe Hinx would say something just really profound. [We came up with something] really profound, but it didn’t fit the scene at all.”

– Rosa Mendes, who is currently pregnant, noted on Instagram that her goal after giving birth in February is to make it on the cover of Muscle & Fitness Hers. She posted the following:

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