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Batista says ‘Give me what I want’ promo was due to forgetting lines

Batista’s final run in WWE before his retirement was against Triple H that culminated at Wrestlemania this year. One of the most popular lines during that feud saw Batista telling Triple H to give him what he wanted over and over again.

Batista recently revealed to Chris Van Vliet that the promo came to be due to Batista actually forgetting his lines. He said that there were no talks about what Batista was supposed to say during that promo and that it wasn’t written out. So there were certain things in that promo that he did not say, so he kept on dragging it out as he was unsure what it was he forgot.

So he continued to escalate and kept on screaming since he could not go back. Both Batista and Triple H were waiting for each other’s cues but it was not getting there. So Batista realized he had to say something and for that reason, he kept on telling Triple H to give him what he wanted.

For all that happened, the promo did become one of the highlights of the feud. So it was certainly a memorable one, to say the least.

  • The Random Reader

    His promo was better than other segments

  • gar216

    I was in the arena for that promo. I’m not sure how it played out on TV, but this promo sucked the wind out of a red hot crowd.

  • BB

    Find it kind of ironic that he’s an actor and that he forgot some of his lines, haha.

  • Sparti Love

    It will be the only memorable thing, regardless how awful it was

  • CC

    One of the highlights of the feud? Well if you mean it got mocked mercilessly, then yes, it was a highlight of the feud.