Batista Was Humiliated By D-Von Dudley Backstage

WWE Legend D-Von Dudley recently talked about former multi-time World Champion Batista. Dudley revealed the difficulties he had whilst working with ‘The Animal’ during his initial years in the business.



 D-Von Dudley opens up on Batista

In 2002, The Animal’s first role on WWE TV was as D-Von’s enforcer on SmackDown, and while the two performers became great friends away from the ring, the former World Champions’ lack of experience made things difficult for Dudley.

During a recent interview on The A2theK Wrestling Show, the multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion detailed what it was like working with Dave at the start of his wrestling career.

“It was very difficult in the very beginning because he was such a big guy that when he was training, certain people thought that it was best to train him as a big man and not take any bumps. So by the time he got with me, I thought it was a joke, I thought somebody was playing a rib on me. Because I remember during a match with Triple H, he (Batista) was supposed to run at him with a clothesline,” D-Von added. “When I told Dave the spot, Dave looked at me and he goes ‘Rev, how do I do that?’, I just looked at him and went ‘are you serious?’”

The former world champion wrapped up his in-ring career at WrestleMania 35 when he lost to Triple H in a match that received more appreciation over time. It was a classic against his longtime faction-member and rival, and the only opponent that The Animal wanted to face to end his career in professional wrestling.

Batista has been one of the stars who transitioned his career into acting. He has been delivering some impressive performances in Hollywood. ‘The Animal’ recently dropped a new look while announcing his new project. Batista will reprise his role as Glossu “Beast” Rabban Harkonen, nephew of the villainous Baron Harkonen. Principal photography on the film began in Budapest, Hungary back in July.

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