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Bayley on the possibility of going to the ‘Dark Side’


While many believe Sasha Banks is the perfect female babyface character to be turned into a villain at some point, you can’t deny the possibility of Bayley turning heel.

During her recent interview with, the former Women’s Champion was asked about going to the ‘dark side’ and she said that she doesn’t know if she will have to turn heel during her current storyline with Banks:

“It’s something I think about because I know anything is possible when you’re with WWE. I don’t know if I have to go to the dark side, [if I do] As a performer I need to change in the ring, I might have to bend the rules a little bit to get what I want this time around. I realised when I was out with my injury that I need to go about things differently and not let people push me around so much.”

When asked how frustrating it was to be injured just before her Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam, the Raw Star said that it was hard for her:

“It was hard for me to watch wrestling because I get really anxious whenever I watch matches. If I see something I like I want to practice it and try it myself. This sounds like I’m a loser but when I’m feeling down or I need a bit of motivation I do watch old NXT matches because they have some of my favorite memories as a performer in WWE.”

Apart from this, Bayley also talked about the Women’s Revolution and more.